I help players in the outdoor sports industry with authentic images to optimally present their ideas and products.

About me...

My name is Madlaina Walther and I live in the Grisons, Switzerland. I'm specialized in outdoor/adventure sports as well as in landscape and travel photography. As a customer, you benefit from my extensive experience both as an instructor for various sports and as an athlete myself (skiing, cross-country skiing, ski touring, mountain biking, SUP, trail running, hiking, etc.). Therefore I know exactly how these sports have to look in photos so that they look authentic. Of course, I work regularly on my fitness and my skills and I can keep up while performing the sport to get to the best photo spots. This knowlegde as well as my photography equipment (including an underwater housing and a drone) allow me to take the decisive points of view in order to be able to depict the story you want. My services include not only the actual photography but often also the entire organization, including the conception of a story, location scouting, the search for protagonists etc.  You can find more about how I work on my blog. My clients are renowned brands, magazines, events or tourism destinations.

What's my background? After having finished my Master's degree in Sport Sciences and Physical Education at the ETH Zurich, I completed the formation as Snow Sports Instructor with Swiss Federal Diploma. I'm also interested in photography since I have been a child and that’s the reason why I studied editorial photography at the MAZ Lucerne (The Swiss School of Journalism).

What fascinates me across the different fields I work, is the interplay between human movement and the four elements. The joy of movement should be palpable for the viewer of my pictures, as well as the beauty, but also the fragility of the environment in which we operate. I am convinced that this realization is an essential factor in advocating more sustainability and environmental protection. Another big concern for me is the visibility of women in the field of outdoor and adventure sports which is why I love to work with female athletes and also have founded "On Point – Female Action Sports Media", a community for like-minded people.

I would be very happy to discuss your projects with you and to create pictures or stories tailored to your needs!


Mobile: +41 79 775 40 87

CH – 7516 Maloja

Most important formations and experiences

  • Master of Science in Sports Sciences and Physical Education, ETH Zurich

  • Adapted Physical Activities complementary studies, ETH Zürich

  • Editorial Photography Studies, MAZ (The Swiss School of Journalism)

  • Certificate SVEB adult education (Level 1)

  • Snow Sports Instructor with Swiss Federal Diploma

  • Former Member of Swiss Snow Education Pool and Swiss Snow Demo Team at Swiss Snowsports Association (Nordic) 

  • Mountain Bike Guide (bikepro, Austria), Mountain Bike Skills Trainer II dimb (Deutsche Initiative Mountainbike)

  • Wilderness First Aid

    • A1/2/3 drone certification (BAZL/EASA)


      German, English, French, Italian


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